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Getting your skin to glow during the winter months is no easy task, it can take multiple make-up products and a lot of time and effort to achieve radiant and fresh looking skin. As we approach the warmer months of summer, skin is already one step ahead with a natural warm finish, so only needing a little refinement with a few easy application tips and key make-up essentials, providing a look that will leave skin with a beautiful bronzed glow all through summer.

New CID Cosmetics team of make-up artists offer their insider tips to ensure your skin and make-up stays summer ready all season!

“Simplicity is the key to fresh looking make-up during summer – stripping back the make-up and shedding the layers of winter, keeping make-up subtle and naturallooking.”


My skin is much more oily in summer, making my make-up fall off! How can I help prevent this?

During summer, pores naturally open more, producing more sebum (increased oil production). To combat shiny summer skin, opt for a oil-controlling primer, such as i – prime to keep excess oil under control and helping to prevent your makeup from ‘sliding’.

For humid summer days, consider waterproof based products, such as i – gel Eyeliner Trio, i – shape Lip Liner and i – brow Liquid Eyebrow colour to keep your makeup sweat-proof and stay proof!


What base should I be using during summer?

Your skin tone fluctuates during the summer, so if you desire a fuller coverage using your foundation (such as i – perfection) then you may want to consider investing in another, one to two shades darker than your regular foundation –this way you can ‘custom blend’ your base according to your skin shade.

If have tanned skin then a tinted moisturiser such as i – tint offers a lighter finish and can be blended using your fingers for a fresh, dewy finish. As your tan fades you can then bridge the ‘tan gap’ by mixing a little of your darker tinted moisturiser with your regular foundation.

Foundation tip! Do check your foundation matches your body. Take a quick selfie with your shoulder near your face and go lighter or darker as required.

If you want to use a powder then just lightly apply to the t-zone area and avoid using on the cheeks – keeping them fresh and dewy looking for a natural summer finish.


Bronzer SOS! What are the rules on applying?

Focus on bronzing your hairlines, this is where the sun naturally hits the most and will give an overall natural bronze glow to the face. Avoid bronzing the apples of your cheeks as this can dull the skin and flatten your face rather than lift.

Bronzing tip! Applying bronzer onto your base while it’s still setting may result in a blotchy and patchy finish. For a quick setting trick – apply a dusting of loose powder over any areas to be bronzed.


Which make-up shades should I be wearing in summer compared to winter?

Make-up during summer should be kept simple, fresh and natural. Bronze and golden shades really come to life during the warmer months and perfectly complement bronzed skin, helping to highlight skins natural radiance. In summer you may want to avoid rich berry shades on the eyes which can appear heavy. Consider summer essentials such as i – shadow in Choca Mocha, i – gel in Bronze/Copper/ Stone and i – smoulder in Ember.

For lips, opt for a glossy finish rather than a lipstick, keeping makeup fresh and light. Glossy peachy lips such as i – gloss in Blondie provides a subtle finish that complements a bronzed look. For a bolder summer lip, then pinky/red shades such as NEW i – gloss in Raspberry Kiss offers a summer statement pout without appearing too heavy and harsh.


Highlight or contour in summer?

Avoid over contouring on your face during summer, instead focus on making your skin look healthy, glowing and sun-kissed.

Highlighter can be used on the cheekbones, cupids bow and bridge of the nose – providing a fresh, dewy look and defining the high points of face’.


What can I do to combat itchy and red eyes thanks to hay fever?

Both hay fever and air conditioning can cause dry, itchy and red eyes so its worth keeping in some eye drops in your make-up bag to keep eyes and eye make-up looking fresh throughout the day.

Use i – open dual ended concealer in the waterline to combat any redness caused by irritated eyes.


Holiday make-up – what should I pack and leave behind?

As much as it’s tempting, avoid taking your whole make-up collection on holiday – travel light by investing in multi-purpose products to save space in your make-up bag. Discover New CID summer favourites i – glow and i – bronze mini, i – prime mini and dual purpose i – crayon Lip & Cheek Tint for ideal space savers.