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To prime or not to prime?

It is important to not overload the skin with product before foundation application. New CID i-prime can be used instead of moisturiser on normal to oily areas of the skin. Drier areas may need additional hydration and using a lighter water based lotion, rather than a rich cream should be enough to moisturise the skin during the day.

Smooth no more than a pea sized amount of i-prime over any areas of open pores, uneven skin texture and fine lines and allow to dry for a minute before applying foundation.


How should I apply foundation?

There is no “perfect” way of applying foundation. The general rule is if it works for you, then that’s the right way.  If you get a great result with your fingers but find brushes challenging then stick with your fingertips for application – the makeup police aren’t going to come and arrest you!

Do bear in mind that whatever method you use, your “tools” must be clean and free from other products to ensure a good application and minimise the risk of breakouts and other skin issues – especially if your skin is oily or blemish prone.

When applying your New CID i-perfection, start from the centre of your face and work outwards.   The centre of the face is usually where most of us need more coverage and, as you blend the product you won’t be left with a lot of product near your jaw which can cause the dreaded “tidemark”.  It is also important to blend your foundation at the sides of your face in downwards motions.

To prolong your foundation wear and improve its appearance, build up the coverage slowly in fine layers, rather than one thick layer. One of the golden rules of makeup is “it’s always easier to add than to take away”.