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If you want the skin of a Christmas angel, i-dazzle is the product for you.

With triple milled reflective pearl pigments for a silky smooth application, i-dazzle gives the skin a beautiful golden sheen to enhance skin tone and make your arms and legs look longer, slimmer and glowing.

To wear i-dazzle as an eyeshadow, use a clean fingertip to press the powder all over the eyelid and up to the brow one after using i-conceal as a base to prolong wear.

i-dazzle can also be pressed into the centre of the lid and at the inner corners of the eyes over the top of a smokey eye to open up the eyes and create a beautiful “halo” effect on the lid.

For the body, sweep i-dazzle using our mini powder brush over the collar bones, shoulders, and shins to enhance definition and give the skin a beautiful luminous glow.  For an all over sheen, try mixing a little i-dazzle in with your favourite body lotion and applying all over the arms and legs.  This will enhance all light to medium dark skin tones and make arms and legs appear slimmer and more toned – perfect for the party season!