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Whether you tend to workout during your lunch break and have limited time to re-apply your make-up, or you just can’t stand the thought of going to the gym bare faced  – be sure to use the right products and formulas for exercise.


Make-up worn during workouts must be able to withstand sweat. A full face of foundation is a real no-no for working out.  Not only will it end up looking streaky, but foundation can clog the pores and cause breakouts. Ditch your base and try i-prime – this light-weight primer has an oil free formula, that allows your skin to breathe.

Those who want to mask imperfections should try i-conceal, which will quickly disguise redness and blemishes.

Mascara smeared down the face is never a good look – i-flutter will stay put during a gentle yoga class or gruelling spinning session.

Finally, a defined brow can immediately make the face look polished. Groom brows with i-brow, which has an inky formula that won’t budge.