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October is the month for spooks and scares and for our favourite Halloween make up looks!

Although there is a plethora of grease paint and stage make up available why buy new when you can create your Halloween looks  with your existing New CID cosmetics -saving money and saving your skin as our high quality products applied over prime are much less likely to cause skin breakouts!

  • I-perfection Latte
  • i-groom
  • i-flutter
  • i-flick
  • i-shadow Aspen
  • i-shadow Blackberry
  • i-glow Coral Crush
  • i-glow Ice Pop

The products we used are listed below above but if you don’t have everything here you can also create a similar look using:

  • Any pale foundation
  • i-flutter
  • i-flick
  • i-shadow Aspen
  • Smokey Classics Palette

How to!

1) Make your face as pale as possible – We started with a base of i-perfection Latte which is our palest foundation. Most important is that you cover your face completely – This includes your lips.

2) Next pick out the whitest tones from the Ice pop i-glow and further whiten your face. Further whiten patches and whiten your lips with the top left panel from the Aspen i-shadow palette. Your skeleton pale should now be in place.

3) Use groom to define your brows – you can skip this step if you don’t have a groom but it helps to frame the black of the eyes.

4) Take the bottom left quad – the darkest deep matte black and build up the black around your eyes. More is more on this one but make sure that you try to limit fall our so a gradual build is recommended.

5) Add depth to the dark by using coral crush around your eyes – again if you don’t have this i-glow then you can skip this step.

6) Take the bottom left purple from the blackberry quad and put it into the corner of your eyes and inside the corner at the top of your nose.

7) Use the kohl from your i-flick line and line your waterline top and bottom

8) Use the purple bottom left quad from the Aspen palette and define under the cheekbone and towards your dimple. You need to keep this quite a sharp line to really enhance the gaunt effect but blend in so that the line is not harsh. Contour your cheeks under the black line with the Purple from Blackberry and buff in

8) Define your temple and then buff up from the nose into the forehead with the same Purple and then use it to draw a fine line under your bottom lip and blend in.

9) Paint nose and mouth with i-flick

10) Finally take the bottom left quad of Aspen and darken/mattify further any areas that you want to darken further.


*Using the Smokey Classics?

Use Dawn instead of Ice- Pop, Meteor replaces Coral Crush and a combination of the Cosmos/Meteor replaces the Blackberry.