‘I believe in women finding their own make up identity. My vision was to help women achieve a professional make up finish with simple to use and easy to understand multifunctional solutions, teaming clever colours wrapped up in innovative packaging which are wearable and easy to apply’

New CID Cosmetics was born out of a leading hair, makeover and photography salon. For over a decade I listened to thousands of women coming through the salon sharing their make-up insights. These women felt that make-up shopping can be overwhelming with too many fashion led shades and complicated application tips. Today the brand is still shaped by working make-up artists who listen to what real women needs from their make-up.

We will continue to listen to real women and I would love to hear from you if there is anything that could add to our knowledge of what women need. Get in touch with me using our contact form here.


Kelly Colman, Founder of NewCID Cosmetics