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Ingredient FAQs

Our product development team work hard to constantly update and improve each product within our range and most recently we are looking to make our products vegan.

Although we are not there yet, all of our products are cruelty free and where we are not able to offer a vegan product we aim to do so in the near future.

Our current vegan range includes;

All of our weighted chrome cosmetic brushes
All of our i-perfection foundation formulas
All of our i-conceal concealers
All of our i-tint tinted moisturisers
Our full range i-glow and i-bronze baked powders
Our i-groom brow pencil
Our i-flick eye liner
All colours of i-smoulder eye shadow
All shades of our i-shadow eye shadow quads
Our i-colour cream eye shadows


New CID formulas are developed by the world’s leading laboratories and undergo a strict manufacturing and testing process. It is impossible for any company to guarantee that a very small percentage of people won’t have an adverse reaction to a cosmetic product however if you have a sensitivity to a specific ingredient, we provide a full ingredient list on our website for your convenience.