Ingredient FAQs

The majority of our products are vegan friendly however some do contain ingredients not considered vegan.

Our Vegan friendly products are;

All chrome Brushes
i-perfection Foundation
i-conceal Concealer
i-tint Tinted Moisturiser
i-bronze and i-glow baked powders

New CID formulas are developed by the world’s leading laboratories and undergo a strict manufacturing and testing process. It is impossible for any company to guarantee that a very small percentage of people won’t have an adverse reaction to a cosmetic product however if you have a sensitivity to a specific ingredient, we provide a full ingredient list on our website for your convenience.

Our i-gloss formula contains Lanolin

It is important to use preservatives in cosmetics to prevent bacterial and fungal contamination.

Parabens have been used for over 70 years and are approved by the US FDA for use in a wide variety of consumer products, including food and medicines and are recognized as safe by the World Health Organization as well as government agencies around the world.
In the United States, the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) expert panel (an independent body of internationally recognized medical and scientific experts in safety evaluation) has reviewed parabens and concluded that they are safe for use in cosmetic products.